Animal Care

Volunteers will have a good time and experience with animals in Cambodia by Working with poor animals and providing them with love and care and play with them.


Cambodia is developing country, and we still face some problem such as low education and property line. Because of the low education and the property line we see that some owners do not care much about their own pets and sometime they leave them out from home without any food and any caring of them. Some dogs and cats get sick without any medicine, so it can cause them get more serious and die. This program play very important role to help poor dogs and cats in Phnom Penh to get more security and safety, and it also provide a good opportunity for the volunteers who are passionate animals’ lover to get chance to stay with the poor dogs and cats in Cambodia. Volunteers will work with local staffs and foreigners, and sometime they will go to meet monks and local people in the community. Volunteers can help poor animal by feeding them every day; we give them 3 meal a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast, we start to feed cats and dogs at 7:00 am. Besides feeding the cats and dogs, volunteers also can help to clean the room of animal. We clean the room of the animals every day because their room should be clean every day.

Volunteer have to go the pagoda to feed and give some medical to dogs and cats in the pagoda because sometime in the pagoda do not have enough food and some medical care for dogs and cats. Volunteers will go to meet monk in the pagoda and have the chance to learn something that relate to Buddhism in Cambodia. Sometime volunteers have to go out for shopping and bring the dogs and cats to the vets, and they also go to community where we can collect the poor dogs and cats there.


Besides working with the animals, volunteers can also asset themselves with the staffs and other volunteers to organize the event for the program because sometime we have some events, workshops or exhibitions to support our program and NGO, too.



Note: it would be good if volunteers get vaccinated because normally volunteers need to stay with the dogs and cats who get sick.

For working Time should be flexible depend on the NGO has planned for the volunteers. Volunteers work for 5 days per week and they work at least 4 hours per day.

Volunteers should have at least intermediate knowledge of English and have education related to fields. On the other hand, Volunteers should be passionate animals lovers.